I have been honoured to work closely with Fred for over a quarter-century. Two examples are: he supported me greatly on founding UOIT (now, Ontario Tech U) and currently, we're working together on the Build on the B.E.S.T. campaign for Diabetes, which he chairs. Fred is a wonderful person who works tirelessly and cares deeply about everyone.
Dr. Gary Polonsky
President Emeritus of Durham College and UOIT
A former colleague of mine Fred Eismont who worked with me for 27 years at Oshawa This Week is running for Local Councillor in your ward. Fred was a hard worker, loved Oshawa, and cared very much about the bottom line. Always providing affordable and practical solutions for improvement In addition to his attention to business activities he always worked hard progressively for the community getting the message out on behalf of Lakeridge Health Foundation, United Way of Durham Region, and Community Care Durham Region among others. Our newspaper was an advocate for the successful founding of Ontario Tech University and Fred worked tirelessly on that project helping to make it come into being. Please seriously consider voting for Fred Eismont for your Oshawa Ward 4 Local Councillor in the upcoming municipal election. Based on my experiences with Fred Eismont you will be well served.
Tim Whittaker
Publisher of Oshawa This Week (1974 - 2019)
We have known Fred Eismont for over 30 years. In his position at Metroland, Fred showed creativity with his team who helped us market our growing business in the Durham Region and GTA. Fred is a born leader and an ideal politician. Fred is well informed, understands how to help brand and build community businesses with community involvement. He understands how to manage people and is always accessible to all.
Richard and Ola Halenda
Halenda’s Meats
I’m very delighted to hear that Fred Eismont is running as a candidate for the City of Oshawa Council! Fred is an outstanding community leader and a great ambassador for the city of Oshawa. He truly cares about people and the community at large. I’m certain that Fred will represent his riding fairly without reservations. Fred is a committed loving family man, a great Oshawa citizen and a great leader with outstanding experience and he is a community volunteer who goes above and beyond for his community. I support Fred Eismont!
Emmy Iheme
Past President Rotary club of Oshawa/ Past Rotary Assistant Governor Dist. 7070
I have known Fred as a business colleague, for more than two decades. Fred has always been deeply connected in the community. Fred’s commitment and leadership is always high quality
Nancy Shaw
CEO Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce (2016-2021)